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December 10 2008

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do u really have to pee in a girls mouth?
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December 09 2008

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9993 6100 500
i can type 70 really gross words per minute

December 08 2008

November 30 2008

mirror side table? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

what would u do if you saw a mirrored table? lol

November 28 2008

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from SLATE: On "Ass Like That," one of the most dazzlingly layered songs on his last album, Marshall Mathers rapped as Eminem rapping as Robert Smigel rapping as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog rapping as a pedophiliac Michael Jackson rapping as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Exhilarating and destabilizing, it was a madcap, atomized vision of the self as puppet show.
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hungry again!

November 27 2008

jamie divine emailed me this on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

my gay boyfriend noticed my new haircut reminded him of....

November 25 2008

Inside Leo Laporte's Cottage

the FULL LENGTH interview full of sikrits

November 23 2008

November 22 2008

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